Request dog training services from professionals in Utica, KY

Want to Teach Your Dog Valuable Skills and Behaviors?

Properly training a dog takes a lot of time and skill, but it's essential if you want a pet that's an enjoyable companion. Thankfully, you don't have to handle dog training all by yourself. You can turn to the dog trainers at Camp Canine in Utica, KY for help. Contact us about our comprehensive and effective training programs.

We even provide hunting training for hunting breeds like retrievers and spaniels. Reach out to us today to discuss your training options.

You can turn to us for a variety of dog training services. Depending on your training goals, we can teach your dog:

  • Obedience - essential commands like how to sit, stay and not jump on people
  • Hunting - how to follow hand signals and whistle commands and compete in hunting tests

When you work with us, we'll explain the programs and help you decide on the best path for your dog. Call us now at 270-228-4920 to team up with a skilled dog trainer.