Looking For a Safe and Fun Dog Boarding Center in Utica, KY?

Turn to Camp Canine

It's always hard to leave your dog, but it's easier when you know they're staying in a caring and stimulating environment. That's why Camp Canine is the right dog boarding center for you. You'll be able to relax while your dog is under careful care and protection at our friendly facility in Utica, KY.

Our dog boarding rates start at $33 a night with discounts to those who provide their own food or opt for a shared kennel. We have set drop-off times multiple times a day seven days a week. Prices subject to change.

Your dog's safety and comfort are the most important things to us. When you drop your dog off at our dog boarding center, we'll:

  • Feed them on your established schedule
  • Take them into a fenced-in yard during the day
  • Give them opportunities to play multiple times a day

Our fence is commercial-grade, so there's no way your dog can escape from it. Your furry friend will be in great hands with us. Contact us now at 270-228-4920 to make a dog boarding appointment.